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A community supporting a language-agnostic, multi-platform package management ecosystem for projects of any size and complexity.

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What is conda?

Initially started as a multi-platform package management tool, the term "conda" has since evolved to encompass an entire open-source packaging ecosystem and philosophy. This ecosystem is supported by many organizations who all share the common goal of providing easier access to programming tools and libraries.

Any language

Any language

Our packaging ecosystem allows you to manage applications and libraries written in any language, like C, C++, Java, Rust or Go.

Any platform

Any platform

This packaging ecosystem supports all major platforms and architectures: macOS, Windows, Linux, Intel/AMD, ARM, PowerPC, Apple Silicon... you name it.

Vibrant community

Vibrant community

This ecosystem also includes tools and projects from many organizations, like conda, conda-forge, mamba and conda-incubator.

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Banner image for How to use conda-build to build a Python package with C/C++ dependencies

How to use conda-build to build a Python package with C/C++ dependencies


We have created a blog to help you create your own Python package with Conda-build

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How we reduced conda's index fetch bandwidth by 99%


The new conda 23.3.1 release from March, 2023 includes an --experimental=jlap flag or experimental: ["jlap"] .condarc setting that can reduce repdata.json fetch bandwidth by orders of magnitude. This is how we developed conda's new incremental repodata feature.

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Welcome to!


Welcome to our new website! In this article, we talk about why we built it and where we see it going as more content and features are added in the future.

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Conda survey results


In late 2022, Anaconda surveyed the community. This post reviews what we learned from that survey and how it is impacting the future directions of conda.

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Conda Community Chat is now on Element/Matrix


We are pleased to announce that the conda community has migrated our chat rooms to the Matrix/Element platform.

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