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Conda documentation gets a new theme

· One min read
Travis Hathaway
Conda maintainer 👷🔧

We recently pushed out a new theme to the documentation sites for conda and conda-build. This theme is also available for all conda related projects to use as a Sphinx theme (check out the conda-sphinx-theme project).

The theme we recently developed is derived from the PyData Sphinx Theme, which is currently used by many projects in the Python ecosystem focusing on scientific computing and data science. The conda-sphinx-theme adds a couple customizations such as custom fonts and primary colors.

Going forward, we hope this theme will be the default theme to choose when creating a new project under the conda-incubator or conda organizations in GitHub. It should be noted that this will never be a required choice. Ultimately, it is up to the project team to choose what is best for them.

For any feature requests or bug reports regarding the new theme, please file them in the issues section of the conda-sphinx-theme project on GitHub.

The theme itself is currently installable either by pip install conda-sphinx-theme or by conda install -c conda-forge conda-sphinx-theme.

We hope you all enjoy a better looking conda documentation experience!