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March 2024 Releases

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Bianca Henderson
Conda maintainer ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ“ฆ

The March 2024 releases included updates to conda and conda-build! ๐ŸŽ‰ Both of these have been released to both main and conda-forge.

Changes in Conda 24.3.0โ€‹

To update conda, run:

conda install -n base conda=24.3.0

โœจ What's New? โœจโ€‹

  • Show the first few characters of undecodeable response if repodata.json raises JSONDecodeError.
  • Update conda.gateways.subprocess.subprocess_call to use text=True to avoid manual encoding/decoding.
  • Add a new plugin hook giving plugin authors the ability to define new settings.
  • Optimize module imports to speed up conda activate.
  • Move conda env export to conda export and alias the old command to the new command.
  • Report progress while running conda install --revision <idx>.
  • Add conda.testing.tmp_channel pytest fixture to create a temporary local channel for testing.
  • Upload stable release artifacts to GitHub releases during releases.

๐Ÿ”ง What Got Fixed? ๐Ÿ”งโ€‹

  • Print traceback on KeyboardInterrupt instead of raising another AttributeError exception, when conda debugging logs are enabled.
  • Parse integer channel notice IDs as str instead of raising an exception.
  • Add direct runtime dependency on zstandard for use when downloading repodata.json.zst.
  • Fallback to repodata.json if repodata.json.zst cannot be decompressed as zstandard.
  • conda rename command no longer throws an error when conda is not active.
  • Fallback to repodata.json from repodata.json.zst on most 4xx error codes.
  • Fix excess resource usage by log handling when fetching repodata.
  • Re-enable --subdir and --platform flags to be available for conda env create command.
  • Fix __archspec virtual package on Windows to return microarchitecture instead of the default x86_64.

๐ŸŒ… What's Marked for Deprecation? ๐ŸŒ…โ€‹

  • Discontinue custom docker images. Use images provided by Anaconda Inc. or conda-forge instead.
  • Mark conda.testing.integration.make_temp_channel as pending deprecation. Use conda.testing.tmp_channel fixture instead.
  • Mark conda.testing.integration.running_a_python_capable_of_unicode_subprocessing as pending deprecation.
  • Mark conda.testing.integration.set_tmpdir as pending deprecation. Use tmp_path, conda.testing.path_factory, or conda.testing.tmp_env instead.
  • Mark conda.testing.integration._get_temp_prefix as pending deprecation. Use tmp_path, conda.testing.path_factory, or conda.testing.tmp_env instead.
  • Mark conda.testing.integration.make_temp_prefix as pending deprecation. Use tmp_path, conda.testing.path_factory, or conda.testing.tmp_env instead.
  • Mark conda.testing.integration.FORCE_temp_prefix as pending deprecation. Use tmp_path, conda.testing.path_factory, or conda.testing.tmp_env instead.
  • Mark conda.testing.integration.create_temp_location as pending deprecation. Use tmp_path or conda.testing.path_factory instead.
  • Mark conda.testing.integration.tempdir as pending deprecation. Use tmp_path or conda.testing.path_factory instead.
  • Mark conda.testing.integration.reload_config as pending deprecation. Use conda.base.context.reset_context instead.
  • Remove conda.export.handle_proxy_407.
  • Remove vendored conda._vendor.boltons. Use boltons package instead.
  • Remove conda.auxlib.packaging. Use a modern build system instead; see for more details.
  • Remove conda env create --force. Use conda env create --yes instead.
  • Remove conda info PACKAGE. Use conda search PACKAGE --info instead.
  • Remove conda.core.subdir_data.fetch_repodata_remote_request. Use conda.core.subdir_data.SubdirData.repo_fetch.fetch_latest_parsed instead."
  • Remove conda.exports.memoized. Use functools.lru_cache instead.
  • Remove Use instead.
  • Remove Use, "md5") instead.
  • Remove Use, "sha256") instead.
  • Remove conda.instructions.PREFIX.
  • Remove conda.instructions.PREFIX_CMD.
  • Remove conda.testing.encode_for_env_var.
  • Remove conda.testing.conda_check_versions_aligned.
  • Remove conda.testing.helpers.run_inprocess_conda_command. Use conda.testing.tmp_env instead.
  • Remove conda.testing.helpers.capture_json_with_argv.
  • Remove conda.testing.integration.get_conda_list_tuple. Use conda.core.prefix_data.PrefixData.get instead.
  • Remove conda.utils.md5_file. Use, "md5") instead.
  • Remove conda.utils.hashsum_file. Use instead.
  • Remove conda.utils.safe_open. Use open instead.
  • Remove python -m conda_env. Use conda env or python -m conda env instead.
  • Remove conda_env.env.load_from_directory.
  • Remove conda_env.pip_util.get_pip_version.
  • Remove conda_env.pip_util.PipPackage.
  • Remove conda_env.pip_util.installed.
  • Remove conda_env.pip_util._canonicalize_name.
  • Remove conda_env.pip_util.add_pip_installed.
  • Postpone conda.base.context.Context.conda_exe deprecation to conda 24.9.
  • Postpone conda.testing.integration.run_command deprecation to conda 25.3.
  • Postpone loading subcommands from executables deprecation to conda 25.3.

๐Ÿ“„ What's New in Documentation? ๐Ÿ“„โ€‹

  • Update the navigation links for Miniconda.

Changes in Conda-Build 24.3.0โ€‹

To update conda-build, run:

conda install -n base conda-build=24.3.0

โœจ What's New? โœจโ€‹

  • Add compatibility for LIEF=0.14.
  • Add a check to print an additional warning and return an empty string when bits is "arm64" in msvc_env_cmd.

๐Ÿ”ง What Got Fixed? ๐Ÿ”งโ€‹

  • Fix stdlib being recognized in variant hash inputs.

๐ŸŒ… What's Marked for Deprecation? ๐ŸŒ…โ€‹

  • Mark conda_build.bdist_conda module as pending deprecation.
  • Mark as deprecated.
  • Mark conda_build.conda_interface.handle_proxy_407 as deprecated. Handled by conda.gateways.connection.session.CondaSession.
  • Mark conda_build.conda_interface.hashsum_file as deprecated. Use instead.
  • Mark conda_build.conda_interface.md5_file as deprecated. Use, 'md5') instead.
  • Mark conda_build.environ.PREFIX_ACTION as deprecated.
  • Mark conda_build.environ.LINK_ACTION as deprecated.
  • Mark conda_build.environ.cache_actions as deprecated.
  • Mark conda_build.index.DummyExecutor as deprecated.
  • Mark conda_build.index.MAX_THREADS_DEFAULT as deprecated.
  • Mark conda_build.index.LOCK_TIMEOUT_SECS as deprecated.
  • Mark conda_build.index.LOCKFILE_NAME as deprecated.
  • Mark conda_build.api.get_output_file_path as deprecated. Use conda_build.api.get_output_file_paths instead.
  • Mark conda_build.environ.Environment as deprecated. Use conda.core.prefix_data.PrefixData instead.
  • Mark conda_build.conda_interface.get_version_from_git_tag as deprecated. Use conda_build.environ.get_version_from_git_tag instead.
  • Rename conda_build.environ.create_env('specs_or_actions' -> 'specs_or_precs').
  • Rename conda_build.environ._execute_actions('actions' -> 'precs').
  • Rename conda_build.environ._display_actions('actions' -> 'precs').
  • Rename conda_build.inspect.check_install('platform' -> 'subdir').
  • Rename conda_build.render.execute_download_actions('actions' -> 'precs').
  • Rename conda_build.render.get_upstream_pins('actions' -> 'precs').
  • Remove conda_build.cli.main_render.execute(print_results).
  • Remove conda_build.conda_interface.Dist.
  • Remove conda_build.conda_interface.display_actions.
  • Remove conda_build.conda_interface.execute_actions.
  • Remove conda_build.conda_interface.execute_plan.
  • Remove conda_build.conda_interface.install_actions.
  • Remove conda_build.conda_interface.linked.
  • Remove conda_build.conda_interface.linked_data.
  • Remove conda_build.conda_interface.package_cache.
  • Remove conda_build.environ.get_install_actions. Use conda_build.environ.get_package_records instead.
  • Remove conda_build.index._determine_namespace.
  • Remove conda_build.index._make_seconds.
  • Remove conda_build.index.REPODATA_VERSION.
  • Remove conda_build.index.CHANNELDATA_VERSION.
  • Remove conda_build.index.REPODATA_JSON_FN.
  • Remove conda_build.index.REPODATA_FROM_PKGS_JSON_FN.
  • Remove conda_build.index.CHANNELDATA_FIELDS.
  • Remove conda_build.index._clear_newline_chars.
  • Remove conda_build.index._get_jinja2_environment.
  • Remove conda_build.index._maybe_write.
  • Remove conda_build.index._make_build_string.
  • Remove conda_build.index._warn_on_missing_dependencies.
  • Remove conda_build.index._cache_post_install_details.
  • Remove conda_build.index._cache_recipe.
  • Remove conda_build.index._cache_run_exports.
  • Remove conda_build.index._cache_icon.
  • Remove conda_build.index._make_subdir_index_html.
  • Remove conda_build.index._make_channeldata_index_html.
  • Remove conda_build.index._get_source_repo_git_info.
  • Remove conda_build.index._cache_info_file.
  • Remove conda_build.index._alternate_file_extension.
  • Remove conda_build.index._get_resolve_object.
  • Remove conda_build.index._get_newest_versions.
  • Remove conda_build.index._add_missing_deps.
  • Remove conda_build.index._add_prev_ver_for_features.
  • Remove conda_build.index._shard_newest_packages.
  • Remove conda_build.index._build_current_repodata.
  • Remove conda_build.index.ChannelIndex.
  • Remove conda_build.inspect.check_install('prepend').
  • Remove conda_build.inspect.check_install('minimal_hint').
  • Remove conda_build.noarch_python.ISWIN. Use conda_build.utils.on_win instead.
  • Remove conda_build.noarch_python._force_dir. Use os.makedirs(exist_ok=True) instead.
  • Remove conda_build.noarch_python._error_exit.
  • Remove conda_build.render.actions_to_pins.
  • Remove conda_build.utils.linked_data_no_multichannels.
  • Postpone conda_build.index.channel_data deprecation.

๐Ÿ“„ What's New in Documentation? ๐Ÿ“„โ€‹

  • Update advice for installing conda-build into base environment.

We โค๏ธ Our Communityโ€‹

Altogether, we had 2 new contributors this release cycle; thank you to all of our open source community members for helping making these improvements possible.

If you have ideas or want to help improve any of the conda community projects, we love to see new (and returning) contributors! ๐Ÿ˜„