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· 10 min read
Dave Clements

Photo by Issac Smith on Unsplash

Anaconda surveyed the conda community in late 2022. This post reviews what we learned from that survey and how it is impacting the future directions of conda.

Around the same time, the Python Software Foundation published the results of their (much, much bigger) Python Packaging Survey. The two surveys asked some similar questions and some distinct ones. We include insights from the PSF survey when they are particularly relevant to the conda community.

· 5 min read
Dave Clements

We are pleased to announce that the conda community has migrated our chat rooms to the Matrix/Element platform. For the first time since the conda ecosystem was young, every conda-related chat room is now easily accessible on one platform.

Matrix and Element have been around for a couple of years, and are used widely by communities like ours. Let's dive in:

· One min read

Conda Announce is a new mailing list for announcements and news relevant to the conda ecosystem and community.

If you want to stay informed about software releases, new features, upcoming events, and other community news then this is the list for you.

The mailing list is moderated and low-volume: Most news will go out in monthly summary posts. (Our goal is to keep the list volume low enough, and the content relevant enough, that you don’t feel a need to filter it out of your inbox.)


We hope to see you online!

· One min read
Dave Clements

The conda Organization is delighted to announce that we are now fiscally sponsored by NumFOCUS. This will enable conda to apply for grants, accept and distribute funds, manage trademarks and own web domains with a distinct legal standing.

This milestone demonstrates how far the organization has come in creating an effective open source community with capable governance processes on par with other established projects. With this sponsorship comes the promise of further development - such as transitioning into full openness within GitHub – so stay tuned!

· One min read

The latest conda release is now available. To update run:

conda install -n base conda=22.11.1

This release includes a number of improvements including:

Check out the 🎥 release video (!) and the changelog for the complete list of improvements.

· One min read
Dave Clements

We are pleased to announce the launch of the conda Community Forum, a gathering place for questions, answers, and discussion about the conda ecosystem.

We hope the forum will be a key component of that ecosystem, and will become the goto place for people with questions about conda & friends.

· 2 min read
Travis Hathaway

Special announcement

If you have been following the conda project previously, you will notice a change in our version number for this release. We have officially switched to the CalVer versioning system as agreed upon in CEP 8 (Conda Enhancement Proposal).

Please read that CEP for more information, but here is a quick synopsis. We hope that this versioning system and our release schedule will help make our releases more predictable and transparent to the community going forward. We are now committed to making at least one release every two months, but keep in mind that we can (and most likely will) be making minor version releases within this window.

· 3 min read

We are pleased to announce that new releases of conda and conda-build are now available in the conda defaults channel. The updates can be installed with

conda update conda conda-build

Here are some highlights from the releases: