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conda-build is a conda package for building your own packages for conda and other package managers.

To install conda-build run

conda install conda-build

If you already have it installed, you can upgrade to the newest version with

conda upgrade conda-build

The 3.23.0 and 3.23.1 releases have several updates:

  • Outputs now support both script and files arguments. When both script and an explicit file list are given, the script is run first and then the files given in the explicit file list are packaged. (#4281)
  • Add overlinking_ignore_patterns build parameter to speed up recipes where it is not helpful. (#4576)
  • Add win-arm64 as a recognized platform (subdir). (#4579)
  • Add opt-in environment variable to run conda in isolated mode (python -I -m conda) when invoked from conda-build. This is necessary to fix an issue when packaging conda itself. Alternative solutions (see #4628) are under investigation, so the current implementation will likely change. (#4604, #4625)
  • Refactored conda_build.convert.update_lib_contents to use pathlib.Path. Mark test_cli.test_convert as xfail on Windows (something with the GitHub Windows Runner makes this particularly flaky). (#4619, #4626)

See the conda-build documentation for more on how to use it to create packages.