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Conda Community

The "conda" community is made up of millions of users, packaging maintainers and tool developers. Conda is not a single organization but rather a concerted effort of many different organizations, all devoted to the mission of providing easy access to various types of free software regardless of the operating system or programming language.

We firmly believe that everyone belongs in open-source, and we want to start by thanking you for taking the time to read this page. What follows is a high level summary of all the projects and organizations which make up the conda community with links provided where you can learn more or get involved yourself.

The many meanings of "conda"

Traditionally associated with the Anaconda distribution, nowadays the term "conda" refers to more than just a package manager or a software repository. Its many definitions also encompass community packaging efforts like conda-forge and bioconda, as well as new tools developed in the Mamba and conda-incubator organizations. All these efforts show that the conda ecosystem is no longer defined by a single actor and continues to grow and thrive.

Organizations on GitHub include:

Some tools you might be familiar with are conda or conda-build themselves but also community efforts like mamba, boa, setup-miniconda, conda-lock or conda-tree, among many more!

How to reach us

Below are the various places where you will be able to connect with the conda community.


Nearly of the projects and organizations above use GitHub to manage the development. Therefore, if you are looking to file a bug or feature request, this is your go to place. If you are also interested in being a part of active development effort or want to submit your own pull request, this is where you will able to do that too.

See above for a list of GitHub organizations.


Many projects also use chat platforms such as Element to organize development efforts or to enable the community to provide better support. Below are some of the known chat servers within the conda community:


The conda community also has a Discourse instance where all are invited to discuss issues relevant to conda in various message boards organized along themes.

Visit conda on Discourse

Mailing List

The Conda Announce mailing list is a low volume moderated mailing list for distributing conda ecosystem and community news.

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The various projects associated with the conda community are always open to contributions and contributors wishing to make a positive impact. To see the exact guidelines for each project, we encourage you to visit their respective project websites (see above).

Contributing to this website, either in the form of a blog post or feature addition can be done via our GitHub project page. Please also feel free to reach out to us via our Element chat room.

We look forward to hearing from you and your contributions!

Code of conduct and governance

In order to ensure that everyone in our community treats each other with respect and decency, we have carefully crafted a code of conduct. In addition to this, we have also created a governance document which establishes clear rules and expectations surrounding the management of conda community projects and standards.

Please read more about our code of conduct and governance here.